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and if i stop breathing, just keep your arm around me ♥ [entries|friends|calendar]

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[10 Sep 2004|02:25pm]
new user name .. please_cometrue
broken hearts

[06 Sep 2004|06:12pm]
well guys, summers over.. it was soo much fun<3 well alot of memorys .. walking around hicksville, 4th of july [lexiis house with, karen alexia and lexii<3 ltos of fun the fireworks were awsome :P] .. well also walking to hearth like evrday whcih was lots of fun. the fight with the hicks girls [jessy, and stef]. the night me and stef were at kims house and went in her hottub and made smores and hot dogs and hamburgers, the sleepovers, the partiis, the guys, the manhunt games, sitting around thinking about what were doing that day, shopping, me and kristen walking to that kid joes house and met him and jimmy, the walks to the pool like everyday and just alot of other good times .. summer o4 w. stef kim laura alexis tiffany marie lexii sarrah chantal paige kristen susy angie jessy meg kerri olivia [hicksville guys: chris nick#1 nick #2 jay teddy kevin] joey jt marc rob freddy chrisd petro pascale justin ryan danf danb anthony.S chris dour? mikey alexD aj .. wow greatest times, imma miss hanging out with you guys like everday at the corners <3 :'( ..

well today i hung with kim and than she hadda go homer at 600 :( and it was reslli funn i had a sword in mah hand and i was fighting with the lamp and than im like kim talk for me and i jus moved my mouth up and down, omg it was sooo much fun! well i was surpst to hang with EVERYONE tonight, but i didnt have a ride kuz my mom got into a caraccident, but it wasnt THAT major, she just broke her left light <3 well and than me and stef were surpost to hang, but she didnt feel good so i guess were not hangingg :( what a great way to end off the summer, but last night was soo much fun<3 imma miss it.. well acturally i might be hangin out with like nick and chris and kevin but imma wait for stef to call me bak grr she takes forever! well i guess ill update tomrw before or after school :-/ i hate teh way that sounds :'(
broken hearts

[05 Sep 2004|09:32pm]
[ mood | sad ]

tonight was like to perfect way to like end the summer <3 well today began with me going to return my puma shirt, and there were like no good shirts in my size and thats wat i realli need, so i got this paul frank shirt its realli adorable.. than when i came home i watched tv for a liddle than joey//kristen called me to hang out but i hadda eat first, so after i ate my mom dropped me off at paiges house and everyone was on trapolane, but than we walked up to the chinese place and some peopel got food, but i already ate so i jus stood there.. than than chris called me and joey told them to come meet us up there. so he gave them directions it was pretty funny :P than in like 2 min they came [chris,nick #1 & nick #2], which was pretty quick.. than jt stole angies money and me sarrah and angie tried gettin it bak from jt and joey but than jt gav it to nick#1 and i tried to get it bak, and than i hurt my self on his peg!! =-O and it hurts like a mo-fo.. than they left.. and me, paige, sarrah, chantal, angie, susy, kristen, joey and jt walked bak to paiges and attempted to watch a movie, but noone would shut up//move around.. so we just went outside on her trampoline whih was the most fun<23 well we were like all tackling each other and stuff and than we got tired and some people were laying on joey, and than me and sarrah decided to lay on jt :P ha, his buttt is squishy :P lmao sarrah .. and i bit joeys ass =-O  lol than like i wanted to cry because like it was the second to last night to ahng out before school starts and i got realli upset, kuz like it aws just soo much fun, and everone was just laying down staring at the stars [ha, that sounds gay :p, yet true] and like everone just there and stuff and like i just realli wished i had a camra :'( .. well than angie and susy left so i went and lyed on joey, hes confertable :D than that was basicly it, than we all left.. it was realli lots of fun, but im just realli madd that like summers over and everthing, :'(  summer o4- amazingg summer<3 i just wish the beginging of it started like the end <3


so long sweet summer
(so long sweet summer)
i stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays
so long sweet slumber
(so long sweet slumber)
i fell into you, now you're gracefully falling away

hey thanks, thanks for that summer
it's cold where you're going
i hope that your hearts always warm
(hope that your hearts always warm)

i gave you the best, i gave you the best that i had
(gave the best i had)
passed down the letters and passed down the best that i had
(passed the best i had)
so long sweet summer
(so long sweet summer)
i stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays
so long sweet slumber
(so long sweet slumber)
i fell into you, now you're gracefully falling away

i hate the winter in lexington
i hate the winter in lexington
lexington, lexington, lexington
-dashboard confessionals


2| broken hearts

[04 Sep 2004|11:18pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

well today was fun.. well me and mah sis took out our dresser and were moving in this new thingy from my brothers room and its hudge, we couldnt get it throght the door =-O so now tis jus chillin in mah hallway :P well than i met up with sarrah and chantal twas fun<3 .. well we walked up to the store and got joey 2 of those liddle italian rainbow cookies and a 1 and a 3 candle.. and we put each candle in the liddle cookie thingy.. than joey called and we were gunna meet him up at the corner so we put the candles in the cakey thingy and he was with justin freddy rob drew and pascale .. and it was realli embarracing to be holding it.. and we didnt hav any lighters to light the candles :( than freddy flikes it and it lands on me .. so i picked sum of it up and threw it at him :D than they left except for joey an we talked to him for a liddle than walked bak to sarrahs house.. than met up with stef.. than hung with them in front of sarrahs house and jt and petro came than chris and nick#1 came and we chilled for a liddle.. and i lost my cell fone :(:((:(:(:( than chantz and sarrah left than stef hadda go home so we walked her down the block and stop for a liddle and i was getting realli pissed kuz noone would give me bak my fone which i thought that someone realli had, but noone did .. than we finally got down by stefs house. and stopped again and nick#2 jay and teddy came for a liddle than me and joey went bak to look for my fone an he found it :D ahh i <33 him than i went home kuz eveyone left. and now im jus realli pissed at someone for doing some gayy shit and they dont even realize that there stupid so they should just stop! well good byee <3

these eyes they're strongly covered in disguise
they're waiting on the real time again
you'll see that no one knows for sure

for all of this
im better off without you
do you regret all
your loneliness

this ride is drifting slowely to the side
we're swerving off the road
going past the cones that warnED us from the start

for all of this
im better ofF without you
do you regret all
your loneliness

(everyday goes, everynight goes)
on and on we sing this song
the entire day thats oh so long
every night we sing this song for you

for all of this
im better ofF without you
do you regret all
your loneliness

for all of this
im better ofF without you
do you regret all
your loneliness
-the early november

broken hearts

[04 Sep 2004|08:46am]
well didnt update yesterday, but hmmm.. the other night me and my sis drank and got drunk.. it was funn :P than yesterday. my mom took me shopping and i got some new clothes, but i needa return an outfit i bought :-/.. well after shopping me and mah bro went to stop and shop and got food :) .. than we ate and shiz than i took a liddle nap, woke up showered and laura came over :D than chantal called and asked if we wanted to hang, so than my mom drove us over there and we met up with chantz paige kristne sarrah angie jessyelle joey drew and petro, we played at meadowbrook for a liddle than went bak to chantals twas a fun night :P. well good-night :P

its beena half an hour
taking sweet time saying our good byes
one minute more
the best day of my life, is all thanks to you
presuse memorys saved for rainy days,
in febuary
-starting line
1| broken hearts

[02 Sep 2004|11:41pm]

ok well to was fun.. well did noting till like 4, wen i went to sarrahs with paige chantal and kristen <3 i love them.. whi hwas lots of fun .. than around 6? my mom was dropping mah sis off at the mall so she asked me if i wanted to go and look for some clothes.. but braodyway sucks, we i didnt get anything excepty for starbucks whcih ill wear tomrw lmao sarrah + paige :P well wen i got bak from the mall i met up with joey and jt and they pegged me down a few blocks and we met up with sarrah angie paige chantz and kristen than we went to egt stef and chris <3 and nick <3 came :D ha <33 them lots than we just hung around for a whilee and than some of the otehr guys came well it was lots of fun . finnaly scanned my pics from the other night .. take a look :P



your the only thing that keeps me breathingCollapse )

11| broken hearts

[01 Sep 2004|11:14pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

todays was ok, did like nothing all day and i was bored outta my mind.. and i was super tired kuz freddy called me and woke me up at fuckin 1040!!!! ggrr >:O wats wronng with people! than i got readii and i was allreayy by like 12 and i did noting! and i asked my mom to get a haircut today so i wasited till 4 for her to come home, and we still didnt go >=/ .. than around 630 me and mah sis walked up to the pool. than i came home showered and kim came to my hosue wen i was in a towel =-O lol well than we walked to stefs and got laura kuz stef wasnt allowed out :'( than we met up with chris, nick#1, jay, teddy and some other people.. it was kindda boring but you kno chris wa there so.. :D than we saw alex, petro, mikey, pat and peoples and petro stood with us for a liddle than around 10 kim and laura left [it was soo early :'( ] well w.e i think imma go do mah math packet + watch sum degressi soo bye :P

Did I miss your call again?
No, Your never called it was a thought inside my head
did you take the fall again?
I shoulda payed attention to the words you said
cause i lost today
im not ok
and 2000 mile
I Checked my caller ID
Now theres every number but the one i want to see
I've been falling part
Since you been gone i dont know where i need to start
Cause i lost today
im not ok

broken hearts

[31 Aug 2004|11:36pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

well today was another fanastic day :) well me stef kim and larua were making plans to go to adventure land :) but than we changed it and we were surpost to go mini golfing but laura didnt wanna, than we were gunna go bowling but stef + kim didnt wanna.. so we decided to go to friendlys :P well kim came over for a while, than we walked to stefs and laura was there, than my mom picked us up and than we got dropped off at friendlys whcih was lots of fun.. well first we got regular menus but it was gunna be too much food for us, so we got the kids menu :P than we ordered like the most exspensicve stuff and we winded not having enought money, but laura the smart one brings exstra money just in case :) ha i <3 herr, than we decided to walk home, kuz we love going on adventures :P and kim knew her way all around so we got home i lyk 45 minutes.. we went to kims house and went swimming which was lots of fun<3 :) than dan called and asked if we wanted to hang, so it took stef and laura like 1548778547.6 mintures to get readii so we took forever to get there, and stef wound up going home and taking a shower anyways + it took her like a hr and half to get readii. but me laura and kim hung with like kristen, paige [missed them to soo much<3], sarrah, chantal, angie, jessy, susy, joey, nick#1, chris, marc, rob, pat, mikey, alex, ryan, justin, chrisd, freddy, petro and alot more people. well it was lots of fun <3 than like a few hours laterr everyone left so it was just me laura nick#1 and chris. but then they left and me and laura were just sitting on mh steps waiting for her mom to come.. and nick#1 calls me :) and i felt so loved kuz he said that he got lonly on his way home <3 well now im on the fone with dan and stef and dan says hes gunna wake me up at 9 in the morning =-O but hes allowed to, kuz hes cool :)

somewhere beyond these unforgettable days
we can find it in ourselves to live our lives again
your misplaced in time, authoring your tragedy
but your dreams and lies
never fill the void in me
so the show goes on without you
foundations fall that were once built strong around you
and it shows all around you
these foundations fall that were once built strong
so you lost the words, lost the words to say
you lost your voice and you lost your mind again
so back it up, rewind, white it out and just forget
just close your eyes and promise
to never open them again
-Hidden In Plain View<3

1| broken hearts

[30 Aug 2004|09:53pm]
[ mood | happy ]

well tonight was lots of fun again <3 well around 4 my mom took me to the store to get a camra, and i saw sarrah chantal susy jessy and angie there, and i was surpost to hang with them after i got mah camra so i jus stood with them.. than we walked back to sarrahs house which was fun :P than we walked around and saw chris m&h and sum otehr kid a we walked up to 2bros and joey and dan were there so we chilled with them for a while, but than aj came and ruined it all. so it took us like a half hour untill aj finally left than we also saw ryan justin mickey freddy petro chris and some other people.. than wen we were walking bak to sarrahs we saw kelly and brittni and talked to them for a liddle. than i went home to eat :) and i wanted hamburger so i hadda go with mah bro to get rolls so i stood in the car, and guess who i saw... nick #2, jason and teddy :D ha nick didnt kno who i was at first :P than after i ate i walked to sarrah and we went down the block to meet up with nick #2 jason teddy and some kid danny than we met up with dan joey alex chris d chris nick #1 kevin ryan justin mickey marc rob pat freddy petro some hicksville girls and some other people that i dont rememeber. it was lots of fun <3 :D well tomrw should be the same hopefully well w.e byee <333

summer nights are growing cold
august goodbyes are getting close
so lets leave all of the windows open tonight
leave us no choice but to cuddle close
and we'll kiss all night
wake tomorrow morning with chapped lips on our faces
I will pass on Vaseline and for all to see, I'll wear these
battle-scars burned by your taste

because I want to feel like this forever
I just want to feel the way I feel now
I just want to feel the way I feel now forever.
-hidden in plain view<33

1| broken hearts

[30 Aug 2004|01:57pm]

happy birthday david desrosiers<33


david <3Collapse )
broken hearts

[29 Aug 2004|10:07pm]
[ mood | tired ]

ok well today was by far the most funniest day this entireee summer!!! .. well around 3 i met tiff half way [like the good-old days :-P] and we got a drink and shizz than we went bak to my house and made mac-and-chesse, which is the greatest fucking food in the world! than wen we were up in my room mah sis had her friend over, and we decided to wrap some random objects with wrapping paper, and give it to people.. but than we hadda better idea which was to go and wrap a fire hidren :D well so we took duck tape and bday wrapping paper and wrapped a firehurent on bud lane so evertyone can see it.. than we wraped a mailbox, bud lane//stephen street sign.. a shopping cart well the shopping cart was fucking awsome!! we wraped it over the top so u couldnt put anything in it and than mah sis hadda perminit marker with her so we wrote on the front 'pimp my ride' and we wrote mine, tiff, my sis, and mah sis friedns initals on it and than put some strimmers on it :P it looked fuckin awsomee!!!!!!!!! than we went an put it in the field so mah sis can put her drinks in it :P than chris called so we decided to meet up, so chris and nick came for a liddle [like 2 minutes] than left.. than me and tiff saw joey, dan and aj and i wrapped joeys bike :D its looked so cool.. but than he took it off along with the firehidrent >:O grr and than we left and decided to go to the pool with mah sis for a liddle whichwas funn kuz the water wa nice and warm.. after that me and tiff decided to walk around and we saw sarrah chantal jessy angie and they knew who nick [# 2] was so we met up with him at 2bros along with nick #1 kevin and chris <33 there soo awsomee! than a liddle layterr we met up with aj joey dan and marc too and than after that we met up with ryan justin chris d mikey freddy and some other people, so we were just this hudge mob of people which was lots of funn <33 and nick #1 and chris were pretty hot and nick #2 and kavin were realli cute <3 well yeah.. now im realli tired and gunna go to bed bye <3

^ ha, me and tiff got pictures of it all :), ill post them wen we get them develouped//scanned :)

sound the bugel now
play it just for me
theres not a rode i kno
that leads to anywhere
without a light
i fear that i will stumble in the dark
lay right down, decide not to go on
than from up high, somehwere in the distance
theres a voice that calls remeber who you are
if you lose yourself
your corage soon will follow
so be strong tonight, remeber who you are
-bryan adams

2| broken hearts

[28 Aug 2004|08:42pm]

well todays mah moms birthday and i was a fucking retard and went to the mall with marie and karen, when i should of stood home, kuz i felt bad :( .. well roosavlet was awsome<3 well we were walkin around marie turned around and saw this fat black lady and her b/f and lyk marie didnt say anything to them, and than me and karen turned around and the girl gav us the finguar and than karen and marie call her a donut and she started chasing us :P it was fuckin funny and than they said it again and she started to chase us again and we just ran all the way to the other side of the mall, than we went bak and we saw this girl there, and she was ltyk u guys aint that skinny, and karens lyk i ddnt say anthing and im lyk neither did i ... and shes lyk well u ealli hurt her feelings, and they wernt even related or anything or knew each other and shes lyk well she looked madd if she shes uu thabn she might start swingging and we got kindda scared, and we just kept talking about it the rest of the time.. than we saw this girl who looked just like avril lavigne and we were gunna get her autograpgh but she was like with a bunch of people so we decied that it wasnt.. and than we were walkign around and this black guy comes up to us and was lyk do u guys like rap? and were lyk ya and hes lyk well heres my CD it caost 5 bucks, do u wanna surppst me so i can get a mix tape. and were like sureee so we bought 2 cds and a demo . of course i get the demo >:O lol <3 and than he signed our CDs and than he said we were his homies, and that if he gets famous that if we get intocuh w him, we jus needa show him the autograph and he will talk to us lol, than we passed by him tying to sell the CD to sumone else [who wqants gunna buy it] and hes lyk look thses girls are my homies they surported me from the begining [which was lyk 2 min laterr]:P well wen we were eatting marie kept on taking her fries and throwing it at people on the botton floor and it was fuckin funny! and than like later wen we got drinks and sum fries, marie took the barbcue sauce and threw it off the endge it we ran kuz we saw people looking up, and than we saw it all splattered on the floor.. and than we ran past these secrity gardes in the food court and they were lyk lookin at us and lyk talking about us, and like marie and karen are jus running and im lyk guys! there suspicious.. but tghan i jus ran with them lol well there were alot of poeple there, which ment alot of 'hugs' :D lol and we also wanted to tryout for GVB which i forged there moms signatures for, and we lied about eevrthing.. our age, grade, birthday, and shiz like that . and i decided not to sign up kuz i didnt feel lyk being video taped and have myt picture posted on the website =-o .. and than when we were in sam goody they had liek this kareoke stage with like a micro fone an speakers and eevrtyhing.. and me and marie were trying to figuar out how to plug the microfone in to the thingy .. and than some girl who works there makes a anccment on the loud speaker thing and is like 'girls get off the stage,girls get off the starge' and were like wow .. so we got off and maries like well know that everyone knows us.. and she startts yelling I WAS THE GIRL ON THE STAGE which was pretty funny than we were talking to this like retarded guy :P and the girl who made that anncment was like girls the doors that way! .. the doors that way!!!!!! and we just ignored her and than we finally left wow there soo fuckin gay and dont kno howd have fun! well there were more things that happened, but i dont wanna write anymoree soo bye <3


karen and marie <3 :)Collapse )

broken hearts

[28 Aug 2004|12:26pm]

hmmm </3 .. exsacly one year ago i met robby&jon [from PA] .. ahh i miss themm



pictures <IMG src=Collapse )
broken hearts

[27 Aug 2004|11:01pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

wow the fuckin hicksville girls!!! well today started off as me mah bro and mah sis going to the store to get sumthing for my moms bday.. than me and mah sister went up to dutch lane pack for a liddle and talking lol lots of fun <3 .. :P well than at night i met up with jessy and stef <33 ahh i love them :P .. we than got into a fight with the fuckin hicksville girls, but the guys they were with were hott<33 but they were alot nicerr than the girls and we got there numbers :D <33 well the grls started with us because they knew jessy from the mall and they wanted to fuckin fight us whih was gayy and this fuckin girl whos lyk 2 feet tall had this fuckin mouth and acted like she was fuckin though and shes lyk i jsut wanna fuckin slap you, and than lyk jessy was lyk ok stop the bike and get off and slap me and shes like come on just slap me! and than she would just start saying other shit and wouldnt get off the fuckin bike .. than they just kept fuckin following us and they kno were i live =-O well the girls have no fuckingg livess! well they pissed us off for lyk 1 1/2 hours and than one of there ghetto mexican friedsn finaly made them apolgize to jessy, but not me [and stef already left] and than they FIANLLY left :) and now im on the fone with joey stef and jessy talking abour wat happned uhh they were fuckin gay, but the guys were nice :) well .. im realli tiredd and dont feel lyk writing anymoreee soo bye <3

comment about our fuckin night!

I woke up in a car
I traced away the fog
So I could see the Mississippi on her knees
I've never been so lost
I've never felt so much at home
Please write my folks and throw away my keys
I woke up in a car

broken hearts

[27 Aug 2004|11:41am]
[ mood | bored ]

01. What color are your walls? blue
02. What color is your bedspread/sheets?
03. What color is your rug? brown :P
04. Any posters/bulletin boards/designs in your room? posters, mag clips of simple plan,good charlotte, eminem, blink-182,yellowcard, signs, ya and a bunch of other cool stuff

05. Do you have a TV? ya
06. Do you have a phone? the one in my room is broken :(
07. Do you have your own computer? yeah
08. Do you have a desk? ya
09. What are your most treasured belongings in your room? the pics/posers and umm  everything :)
10. Do you have any fancy lights in your room? you better believe it

01. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? open my eyes?
02. Anything unusual? of course, i go all james bond style and roll around the floor
03. Do you pick out your clothes the night before school? nopee
04. Do you try your best to look cute for school? i realli dont careeee

// SCHOOL //
01. What color is your backpack? light purplee
02. Do you try your best when it comes to school work? kindda
03. Do you listen or doodle? doodle while listeningg
04. BE QUIET - depends on the teacher
05. Do you eat your cafeteria food, or go out? cafeteria
06. What do you do right when schools over? go out

// HOME //
When you come home are you. . .
01. Miserable? depends on wat happened    
02. Happy? depends on wat i did
03. Tired? yup!
04. LEAVE ME ALONE? sometimes

// OTHER //
01. Do you take walks around your neighborhood sometimes? ya, with people
02. What are some hobbies of yours? friends, music<3
03. Do you collect anything? sp+gc+other band pics, dice
04. What do you do in your spare time? fone, comp, go out
05. Are you in love, or at least falling? maybe

01. What do you do before you go to bed? comp + talk to my sis
02. Do you kiss your parents/guardians goodnight, or just say "goodnight"? both

03. What way do you sleep (ex: on your side, tummy, etc.) tummy :D
04. Do you like your life? most of it <3

Song: TBS - Your So Last Summer
Movie: A Christmas Sory
Food: articokes
Thing to do in spare time: u already asked that :P
Color: lavender, babybluee
TV show: simpsons, degrassi, daria
Music group: SP,GC,TBS, yellowcard, blink 182, SoCo, starting line and moree..
Alcohol: uhh
Vacation Spot: Pennsylvania<33
Sport: uhhh
Place to shop: pac sun
Actor: adam sandler
Actress: jennifer anderson
4 unit, stef, kim, laura
Toothpaste: crest :D
Shampoo: beach blonde .. [i like the way it smells :P]

Which One?
Basketball/Football: basketball
Day/Night: night
Brad Pitt/Ben Affleck: brad
1 Pillow/2 pillows: 2
Dog/Cat: dog
Florida/Hawaii: Hawaii
Candy/Flowers: flowerrs
Necklace/Bracelet: bracelet
Vanillia/Chocolate: vanilla
Kisses/Hugs: depends<3

Ice Cream/Yogurt: ice cream
Pepsi/Coke: peopi            

Short Hair/Long Hair: long
Cookies/Brownies: cookies

Do you...
have cable: ya
watch mtv: yeah
watch vh1: sometimes
have braces: nah
have freckles: nah
like cookies: well considering i picked cookies over brownies a few questions up, it would be safe to assume so
sleep with a stuffed animal: depends on how i feel
have a watch: nopee
sing in the shower: who dosnt?
carry a wallet: no
currently have a crush: yup <3 :)
have a cell phone: 3558216
have a photo album: yupp
believe in God:
think the devil exists: yes
wear jewelry: yup
like to drink water: it tastes good
drive: nopee
have a best friend: manyyy

Have you...
failed your driving test:
havnt tried yet
gotten in a car accident: nopeee
broken any bones: nopeee
gotten drunk: uhh
cheated on a test: once again, who hasnt?
beat up anybody: no :(
gotten beat up: by my bro and sis
done drugs: uhh
taken a dance class: neverrr
gone to summer camp: nope, but im going next year :D
been on a roller coaster: yupp :)

Last cuss word uttered: fuck
Last beverage drank: ice tea
Last food eaten: cereal
Last crush: jeff<3
Last phone call: marie she fuckin woek me up!
Last tv show watched: daria
Last time showered: a few mintues ago
Last shoes worn: nikes
Last cd played: tbs where you wanna be
Last item bought: braclets + necklaces
Last downloaded: coheed and cambria- a favor house atlantic
Last car ride: sumtime yesterdayyy
Last good cry: a nights ago
Last movie seen: old school
Last book read: uhh
Last annoyance: getting woken up
Last disappointment: not going to pennsylvania :'(
Last soda drank: cherry pepso
Last sleep: last night
Last IM: meg//alex
Last ice cream eaten: friendslys vanilla w ranbow sprinkles

Last time amused: last night
Last time wanting to die: some time in may?
Last time in love: neverr yet
Last time hugged: uhh
Last underwear worn: wouldnt you like you like to kno ;)
Last shirt worn: roxy tank
Last pants worn: jeans
Last belt worn: uhh
Jewelry worn daily: braclets and necklaces
Last poster looked at: good charlotte
Last show attended: uhh

//Social life//
Hobbies: already asked
cell fone
Are you the center of attention: depends who im with
Would you rather be with friends or on a date: depends
Do you have a job: nopeee
Do you go to church:

Who's your role model:
pierre bouvier<3
Pet peeves: i dont kno
Ever liked someone you had no chance with: of coursee
Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: punks, skaters, surfers, hot
Ever been cheated on: i think?
Rather have a relationship or a "hookup": relationships last longer
Do you want to get married: yupp
Do you want to have kids: yess
Are you happy with who you are: deffinetly
Are you happy with your life: most of the time
If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would it be: uhh

5| broken hearts

[27 Aug 2004|10:17am]
[ mood | crushed ]

well guys, marie woke me up today at lyk 10!! uhh i hate her<3 well noone is online kuz its to fuckin ealiee to be awake! .. well guess what?. im not going to pennsylvania anymore this sucks :'( .. this means that i dont get to go shopping at the outlets. i dont get to see robby+jon [but i dought i would of anyways]. i didnt go on vacation at all this summer >:O and iv been looking forward for this for the past lyk 2 mounths and now were not even going well i wish we went sooner so thhis way i would get to leave NY for a few days already.. and school starts in lyk wat? 13 days which sucks major balls and this fuckin summer sucked >:O yeah, there were a few fun days, but lyk i wish it was lyk that everyday since it started.. now i cant lyk even do anything kuz sumemrs almost oveerrr. and me stef kim laura and whoever else still needa go to adventureland, get our nails done, minigolfing, kayaking, hangout with everyone, go to the mall shopping, go to the mall for guys :P, go to the beach and do some other stuff .. and thats gunna be hard to do considering kim and laura and lyk half the world are still on vacation, uh. welll i realli hope that we could do everything before school starts kuz than my summer would be complete :) well byee .. comments are needed <3

Summertime, summertime
brought me back to thinking you were mine all those times.
We laid it down and left it all behind, we were blind.

Oh, the summertime.
We could ride, we could ride.
Take my hand and watch the world go by.
Laugh or cry, well we need to try, get off the line, time to fly.
Oh, the summertime.

Go on ahead and let it fade away.
No looking back you know the past will stay.
It's you and me, we could get out of here.
Jump in and go and we could drive for years.
We could feel alive...

Here we are, here we are,
windows down we see a falling star.
Stop the car.
Waiting for nothing but our beating hearts, going far.

Oh, the summertime.
So feel the air, feel the air,
take the map and point to anywhere.
I don't care. Fingers through your hair,
the sky I've seen is blue and green.
Oh, the summertime.

Driving away, leaving it all behind.
Driving away, just driving away.

broken hearts

[26 Aug 2004|11:31am]
well today was rather lots of fun :D well karen called me at 930 and told me to get up for the beach<33 :-/ well, the beach was lots of fun. even tho the water was kindda cold and there were so many fuckinggg jellyfish!!!!!!!!!! me and karen got scared, but than we found out that they didnt stingg and we seen these hott guys picking them up and throwing them at eachotherr it was funny :P than we saw this realli hot guy named ryan :) lol.. well ya there were alot of other funny shit that happened but i dont wanna write it all .. well byee <3
broken hearts

hawt<3 [25 Aug 2004|05:56pm]
[ mood | restless ]

hello everyone.. well i just re-did the layout i think it looks pretty awsomee<3 .. comment about it :)

well today me and karen went to the mall i got some cool stuff and karen got food lol<3 well noone was realli there so we stood there for just a liddle while.. well now im at home listening to some yellowcard<33 ryan keys is fuckin hawt<3333333333333 [the lead singerr] well im pretty tired so i dought that im gunna do anything tonight.. so have fun without me :) well tomorw im going to the beach with who else but the amazingggg karen fernandez :D gunna be awsomee there gunna be alot of hot bois lmao <33 well il update about that tomorw

Way away away from here I'll be
Way away away so you can see
How it feels to be alone and not believe (Feels to be alone and not believe)
Feels to be alone and not believe anything

You can't stop me now
You can't hold me down
You can't keep me here, I'm on my way
I've made it this far now
And I'm not burning out
No matter what you say, I'm not afraid

.. omg guess wat!!!!! .. jon<3 [PA] got me robbys<3 number finally ome i cant wait to call him i miss him sooo fuckin much </3333333

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[24 Aug 2004|07:41pm]
What is your favorite..
gum: orbit :)
restaurant: anyyyy
drink: cherry pepsi
season: spring
type of weather: sunnyy, kindda hot.. and the air smells good :-P
emotion: being with the guy you like and hugging them <3 [best feeling ever<33!]
thing to do on a half day: hangin out with people
late-night activity: hangingg with a bunch of people ;-)
city: poconoes [of thats even a cityy]
store: pac sun

When was the last time you..
cried: umm 2 nights ago, afterr listeningg to this amazingg song <3 
played a sport: umm a few days agoo
laughed: now.. kuz im on the fone with karen
hugged someone: last night
kissed someone: not to shaww
felt depressed: 2 nights ago
felt elated: uh?
felt overworked: when ver my grandmas asks me to help her with somethingg
faked sick: a few times during school
lied: everyday

What was the last..
word you said: thats cool
thing you ate: carrots
song you listened to: Busted- Thats what i go to school for
thing you drank: strawberry kiwi drink :-P
place you went to: vitos
movie you saw: old school
movie you rented: perfect scoree
concert you attended: not one <3 im a loserr

Who was the last person you..
hugged: joey
cried over: robby<333333333
kissed: umm not sure...
danced with: i dont realli dane :-P
shared a secret with: mariee
had a sleepover with: karen
called: stef
went to a movie with: 4 unit
saw: shrek 2 [twicee]
were angry with: laura and stef
couldn't take your eyes off of: jeff <3
obsessed over: pierre bouvier<3 .. and some other unmentionable peoples :)

Have you ever..
danced in the rain: awsomelyyy cool friends + joggingg [than starts raining] = fuckin fun time dancing in the rain!!!!!!!!!
kissed someone: somee :)
done drugs: hugs not drugs :-P
drank alcohol: maybee :)
slept around: uhh ..
partied 'til the sun came up: at lexiis housee
had a movie marathon: yupp
gone too far on a dare: i dont kno
spun until you were immensely dizzy: ya :):) .. u get sick after a while tho
taken a survey quite like this before: sure
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[24 Aug 2004|03:05pm]
[ mood | good ]

well didnt update last night kuz i slept over karens.. well yesterday was fun .. well did noting that much during the day, except chilled with mah bro<3 which was fun :-P than he drove me to karens and me and karen walekd to bowling green to meet up with jeff deluca, kareem, nick, vinny, chris, brad and some people i didnt realli kno but they all skateboard soo i dont care :-D than joey jt and dan came and they skated with them .. than it got boreing so me and karen left and went bak to karens and watched the the gotti show + degrassi :):):):):):):):):):):)  than in the morning her moms friend came over and me and karen hung with her daughter [shes a 14] and her son [dunno how old] but theu were pretty coool <3 we went to the pool which was freezing!!!! than we got pizza than my bro came and picked me up and im trying to figuar out if im going to the mall w karen and other people yet. kuz andrews<3 going with some people and were surpost to meet up with him but idn :-/

well comment <3









Come on, come on, lets go
There’s just a few things
I think that you should know
Those words at best
were worse than teenage poetr0y
Fragment ideas
and too many pronouns
Stop it, come on
You’re not making sense now
You can't make them want you
They're all just laughing

Literate and stylish (literate and stylish)
Kissable and quiet (kissable and quiet)
Well that's what girls dreams are made of
And that's all you need to know (and that’s all you need to know)
You have it or you don't (you have it or you)
You have it or you (don't)

broken hearts

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